Friday, December 9, 2011

Shamanic Secret #34 – We Are Doing Something for the Planet

Sometimes people get frustrated with something that's happening in the world, and they turn to us and ask, "Why aren't you using your magic to fix the economy, stop wars, or prevent weather disasters?"

It's a good question. Our answer is simple: "We are."

As a tribe, we who study and practice together keep track of world events, specifically the passage of this planet through its predicted evolutionary history, and we look for places where we can create positive effects. We do magic rituals. We communicate with the hierarchy. We do spellwork. And we check every step of the way with divination, dialog with the Hierarchy, guidance from our totems, and more.

What we don't do is talk about it. We don't put out press releases. We don't advertise it. There is no need. The work that we do "behind the scenes," so to speak, is more effective when done quietly, without fanfare.

What we do talk about publicly are ways that you can help yourself, help those you love, and help the planet. That is where we interconnect best with you. We can provide practical magic and shamanic knowledge that you can apply to your life right now. This knowledge is effective and useful for our current planetary times, based on our experience and observations. So we put forth this information to you.

But that information is simply part of what we do. Our other ongoing efforts on magical and shamanic fronts continue as needed.

As for why certain planetary "disasters" are "allowed" to happen, we can only say that we take active shamanic or magical action only where we are guided to do so. Some of these events are an inevitable and necessary part of this planet's evolution (not all of which we understand), and we cannot act where we are clearly not needed or will not be effective.

Thank you to those who are concerned for planet Earth and ask us these questions. We are doing what we know to do for this planet, as are millions of others across the globe ... as are you!

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