Saturday, March 5, 2011

Forecast Your Own Weather!

Oh bother, rain again! Boy, my lawn could sure use some rain. The kids will sure be disappointed, but we'll have to call off the fishing trip with all this rain. Any of these sound familiar? You don't have to arrange your life around the weather. There are things you can do magically to work with the weather.

There are many ways of working with weather and different disciplines use different techniques. Here are a few basics in preparation and some techniques one can use without a lot of specialized training.

1. Check with higher powers, especially Grandmother, the spirit of the Earth. There may be plans in the works or reasons of which we are unaware for a particular type of weather.

2. Ask weather beings for help. There are many higher beings or spirits that are helpful when weather working. Different disciplines and traditions have their favorites or call them by various names. We find the Winds of each direction, Sky Father, weather angels, storm spirits, sylphs and of course Grandmother appropriate beings to consult. Asking these beings for help creates a safer way to achieve the results you desire since these beings exist on a higher level than we do and have access to higher levels of information. They are privy to a larger scale picture concerning what we are asking and will know how to help us without interfering in a bigger plan or inconveniencing another.

3. Think through what you want. As with all magical procedures, you need to thoroughly think through what you want and are asking for. For example if you say, "I want rain." The results of this could range from thinking you have failed to disastrous. A statement of this kind doesn't include where you want it to rain, or how much, or how hard. Be as specific as you can in defining what you are asking for.

4. Focus your intention. Now that you have defined exactly what you desire and have the help you need, see a picture of this in your mind. Focus your intention on this ideal picture and lay this picture over what you see outside. Put enough energy into the picture that you feel it coming alive. Focus on what you do want, not what you don't want. People love to talk and complain about the weather. Don't let yourself get sucked into this energy. The "As Above, So Below" principle defines that the weather conditions will match the conditions of the land and people below it. Feeding this negative energy will delay or negate your intention.

5. Keep your emotions in check. Whereas you need some emotional energy to push into your picture, be careful of too much or the type of energy you are flowing. Feelings of anxiousness, being distraught, scared, over-excitement, nervousness or other strong emotions can flow energies that will negatively affect your results.

6. Look for small changes you can make. Take a look at the current weather outside from the perspective of what one thing could you change that would lead to other changes. It takes less energy and less work to create one small change. Also remember that a small change in the present can lead to a large change in the future. For example, you might move those dark clouds over and send them in a direction away from you. This could cause other like clouds to follow it and allow the sunshine to come through. Now it is clear enough and dry enough to take that fishing trip. Or maybe there are clouds that you can darken and add moisture to so your lawn gets that needed rain.

Try experimenting with different weather conditions and record your techniques and results so you know which work best for you. Following the above safety tips, you can have fun seeing your results improve as you practice.

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