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Ten Magical Problems You Fix Fast with Basic Magic Rituals

I wish our magic school had a staff of thousands of magicians on board to help people with their magical problems. Whether it be self-defense, removing hexes, reconnecting with lost ones, changing job prospects, or something else.

Most of these magical problems are not difficult to fix. You just have to have a certain level of magical knowledge, the basics, to be able to select and use the right magical tools and approaches to get the job done. Anyone on the planet can do magic.

There are no muggles.

The reason we don't have a huge staff available to do magic for people is that most of us are engaged in teaching, creating new materials, training other teachers, or tending to issues at different levels, ranging from community to galactic.

But that's as it should be. Why? Because at this school we adhere to the principle of:

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

We certainly could use magic to "fix it" for a lot of people right now (and the good news is that we now have an on-staff practitioner who does help people directly--learn more here). But as a group, we teach people like you to be your own magical "fix it" guy.

Ten Problems You Could Solve with Basic Magic
OK, so now I'm going to climb down off my soapbox and talk to you about Basic Magic. Basic Magic is a 32-week teleconference course that gives you all the basic magical tools you'll need to solve most of life's problems ... be they major or minor.

That's why we are starting yet another Basic Magic class in June (even though we have 2 already in progress). People need to know this magic ... now, more than ever!

Want to know what kinds of problems you can solve? Here are 10 problems that current or past students have recently solved using the magical tools and rituals they learned in Basic Magic. Some are touching, some are deep, and some are just downright funny!

Ready? Here goes:
  1. Hubby got wife to stop throwing temper tantrums and slamming doors by pulling "anger energy" (which is the color red-orange) out of her every time she started to get angry.

  2. Unsuspecting woman won a random drawing for a trip to Belize. She had never won any contest or drawing in her life. She put a postcard of Belize on a keyed magical plate and drew the trip to her by putting a giant chunky magnet on top! It's called a "come along."

  3. Son used dowsing methods to discover the right combination of supplements, medications, and therapies to help his mother recover after a series of strokes. She was completely recovered in 6 months.

  4. Sugar-a-holic who had always been borderline diabetic lowered his fasting blood sugar to normal ranges and eats much less sugar. He wore fire colors to increase his metabolism, as well as used simulacra magic (voodoo magic) to separate him from his sugar cravings.

  5. Mother helped her young son find their lost dog using map divination.

  6. Avid horse woman used weather working skills to move an incoming storm further to south, keeping the day warm and clear for the horse show she wanted to attend.

  7. Nephew helped his uncle pull through a dangerous surgery by creating a sun-crystal, which is a source of Spirit force that can be drawn upon when one's life is in danger. It works even if the person is unconscious, under anesthesia.

  8. Woman got a different, better-paying job closer to home within 4 weeks of asking for help from angels, guides, and the Winds.

  9. 9. Real estate agent helped a friend desperate to get out of town to be with her parents, who were in failing health. The house sold for asking price, even in a depressed market.

  10. Last but not least, one wife got her husband to consistently put the toilet seat down after using the toilet. How? Not by asking him directly! She used the water bowl technique, which can be used for Spirit-to-Spirit communication, scrying, and much more!
I don't know about you, but I particularly enjoyed that last one. It's magic with a sense of humor, and heavens knows we should always enjoy using our magic!

So if any of the above situations amused, enchanted, or otherwise interested you, check out our new Basic Magic Course or drop us a line and ask some questions:

Basic Magic Course

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