Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got Negative Karma? 3 Magic Rituals to Fix Your Karma Fast

The Beatle's weren't wrong about instant karma.

We live in a pay as you go Universe, which means that our karma is fairly instantaneous. The effects of our karma can happen in a week, a day, or a minute. Instant karma is becoming more and more of a reality as we move further into the Aquarian Age.

This is good news. It means that if you have been experiencing some negative karma in your life, you can change it, fairly quickly. You just have to exercise your karma a bit to shift yourself from negative karma to positive.

How to Exercise and Fix Your Karma
Reversing your negative karma by exercising your karma is actually a lot simpler than it might seem. It's certainly a lot easier than running on a treadmill or climbing a stair-climber ... there's a lot less sweat involved. Exercising your karma, from a magical point of view, is basically about emphasizing the positive and releasing the negative. It's simple. Ready? Here goes.

Magical Ritual #1 to Reverse Negative Karma
Magically, any intentional act is a magical act, so by doing an intentional act that exercises your karma, you are doing a magical act, or a magical ritual. Not all magical rituals involve incense, candles, wands, or herbs.

So here's an easy one: do an intentionally good act for someone and don't let ANYONE know about it. By not telling anyone about your act, you ensure the pure goodness of the act. Your silence means that you have not done the act for pride, praise, or vanity.

It also puts a big plus sign in the "good karma" column, which can cause a fundamental shift in your karma fairly quickly.

Magical Ritual #2 to Reverse Negative Karma
This magic ritual is the opposite of the first magical act, above. In this magical ritual, instead of doing something intentionally good for someone, you allow an insulting act from another person to go unpunished and unspoken.

As in the previous magic ritual, silence plays a big role in shifting your karma. When someone does something that you perceive as personally insulting, let it go. Remember the adage from "Course in Miracles" that "all correction belongs to Holy Spirit." This means that each person will suffer their own karma for any acts the do. If they do a harmful act, there's no need for you to correct them with words or actions. Leave that up to Holy Spirit (or any other higher being of your choice).

By not acting or speaking out against a "bad act," you also shift your karma. Another plus sign in the "good karma" column.

Magical Ritual #3 to Reverse Negative Karma
This magic ritual is so simple and so silly, but also very effective. It helps shift you from a negative state of being to a more positive and balanced state of being. And when you feel positive, you are more likely to have good karma. You are also more likely to be able to do the two magic rituals above without a lot of internal resistance.

It's simple. Get on the ground and crawl around. As you crawl around, be sure that your opposite hand and knee strike the ground at the same time, as in left hand and right knee or right hand and left knee. This exercise is called cross crawling and "resets" your brain as well as your emotional tone. People like John Paul Getty have used this exercise (can you imagine Getty crawling around his desk?) to get into a positive mood. It definitely works.

If you want to do the two magic rituals above but have difficulty because you are not in the right mood to do them, try cross crawling first, and then try the rituals again. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Instant Karma, Negative Karma, and Magic Rituals
The more you do magic the more instant your karma becomes. Karma is speeding up for everyone on the planet, but the use of magic rituals will increase the speed of your karma. This is a double-edged sword. The good news is that you have the power to shift your karma very quickly when you focus your intention. The bad news is that when you are not paying attention, your karma can shift into a more negative state just as quickly.

Luckily, if you find yourself in a state of "negative karma," you can easily shift back again. That's the beauty of magic. Enjoy!

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  1. Your words are really resonating with me today. Thank you for the validation. This article has been very helpful. Thank you!

  2. enjoyed, thank you!

  3. hi with someone 16yrs we have 15yr son xwife 14rs ago told husband that it was desity to be together left us for her is that bad karma for her

  4. Cross-crawling had no effect. Now what? (I was very carefully watching where my hands and feet went, as directed.)

  5. Honestly, I believe doing something good for the SOLE purpose of getting good karma, is actually WORSE than telling people and I consider it bad karma. C'mon guys, what's so wrong with doing something out of love, it's a purely selfish act do do something nice for such purposes. I suggest anyone actually doing this think long and hard about what they're doing.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anton, you are exactly right. We did not mean to imply that you should go around doing good acts just to raise your karmic bank. That would indeed negate them. Like we said Your silence means that you have not done the act for pride, praise, or vanity. The act does need to be done from a positive emotional place (like love) or it doesn't count. Thanks for pointing this out in case anyone else didn't get our point.

  6. Thank You. I NEEDED to see this!

  7. Thank You. I NEEDED to see this!

  8. Thanks for taking time to comment. Always good to know what people find helpful.


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