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What to Do If You Were Born with Magical Gifts

While it is true that there is no actual distinction between so-called muggles and magicians, there are certain people who come into this lifetime with more magical skills than others. These skills are usually the result of magical practice in past lifetimes.

Whether you are particularly sensitive to psychic vibrations, can read other people's thoughts, or can heal with energy, developing your magical gifts is important. It will probably also be easier for you than for the average Joe.

How to Further Develop Your Magical Gifts
For most people born with magical gifts, control ends up being the main problem. For instance, if you have the magical gift of hearing other people's thoughts, you may feel overwhelmed every time you step into a crowded situation. If you can heal with energy, or manipulate energy, you may be adversely affected when you come in contact with someone who has negative energy.

What's happening?
Instead of you using your magical gifts, your magical gifts are using you. Not good.

So control is the key. And how do you develop control? There are three magic rituals that can help with control.

Magic Ritual #1: The Electric Blue Spiral
Electric blue is the energy that forms galaxies, and is also the energy associated with most psychic vibrations. It is the same color that is at the base of a gas flame, very bright and very intense. If you have trouble controlling your magical abilities in certain situations, you can focus on electric blue energy to stay in control.

Specifically, you want to see an electric blue spiral spinning inside your chest, near your heart chakra. If you were to "look down" at the blue spiral, you want to see is spinning clockwise. Some people see a laser-like spiral while others see more of an amorphous flame. The goal is to focus all of your magical energy into that spiral.

When you focus on the spiral, your attention (and your energy) is fully contained within yourself. You are shielded, both from projecting your energy outward and from absorbing unwanted energies from other people. This is a useful magical ritual for helping just about anyone control and focus their magical gifts.

Magic Ritual #2: The Electric Blue Bubble
Another way to use electric blue energy in a protective magic ritual is to visualize yourself completely enclosed in a whirling electric blue bubble. Once you can visualize the bubble, see unwanted energies from other people bouncing off this bubble shield.

If you easily read thoughts but don't want to hear anyone else's thoughts in a crowd situation, visualize those thought forms hitting your bubble and bouncing off. This kind of visualization "programs" your shield to protect you against specific things, like thoughts or negative energies. Thus you want to be specific when visualizing what is bouncing off your shield.

Magic Ritual #3: Wear a Faery Star Psychic Shield
The Faery Star is a seven-pointed star, unlike the five-pointed star of the pentagram. The star is created by combining a four-pointed square with a three-pointed triangle in such a way to that it creates a constantly circulating shape, or a constantly circulating shield.

The Faery Stay psychic shield is a useful tool because, once keyed, it becomes an eternally spinning shield. Unlike the pentagram, which always requires a "push" from outside to set it in motion, once set in motion (by keying it with electric blue energy) the Faery Star never stops rotating.

Also known as the Elven Star, this septagram symbol is sacred to many Wiccan and tribal traditions because the number seven is sacred. The number seven is related to the seven planets, the seven notes of the diatonic scale, the seven directions (North, South, East, West, above, below, and within), and the seven colors of the rainbow.

Once keyed, the Faery Star can be used at any time to help you control your magical gifts. Use it as a talisman. Whenever you feel your energies spinning out of control, just reach for your Faery Star pendant (most people wear it on a chain around their neck) and it will ground your energies as well as protect you from unwanted energies.

See a Faery Star psychic shield here.

These three magic rituals have been helping people control their magical gifts for centuries. They take practice, but you'll find that if you start using these rituals regularly they will become second nature after a while, and you won't have to focus so hard to use them. In fact, they will become almost automatic responses in your magical repertoire.

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