Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Magic of Idleness: Balm of Gilead for a Type A Culture

What do you do when you have to come up with something creative and you've got nothing?

Then do nothing.

Use the magic of idleness, of nothingness, to combat your own nothingness.


Idleness and the Magic of Duplication
You've heard of the phrase "the hair of the dog," right? This colloquial British phrase refers to dosing yourself with alcohol to treat the effects of a hangover.

Originally, the phrase dates back to the practice of laying a few hairs from a dog that bit you over the bite wound to prevent infection and other resulting health problems.

This principle is also the fundamental basis of homeopathy, as well as the magic principle called the Law of Duplication. The Law of Duplication says:

"No two things that are exactly alike can exist in the same time and space."

So, by the Law of Duplication, if you've got absolutely "nothing" in your reserves to inspire you for your creative task, duplicate it out magically with another form of nothingness. Do nothing. Think about nothing. Try nothing. Fill yourself with nothingness, and your feeling of "nothingness" will disappear.

This is the magical power of idleness, and this magic is particularly powerful in our culture, which is Type-A gone crazy. We try to be human doings all the time instead of human beings, which means that we leave no room for the Universe to do its magic. We're so busy filling up all of our time and space that there's literally no way the Universe can bring us what we want.

Want More Simple Magic Rituals?
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