Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Put Your Engrams (En-what?) On a Diet!

Most of us already know the Law of Attraction - that what we put our attention on is what we attract. So it almost goes without saying that we shouldn't talk or think about what we don't want to create. But have you ever noticed how difficult it is? Once we get going on a rant or chronic complaint, it can be really hard to stop.

Here's a little known fact that might help you stop the next time you feel like talking about something negative. Every time you "tell your story" or talk about something that you don't want, you add a little more emotion, a little more negative energy and a little more charge to the topic in your mind.

That means the next time you talk about it, it will be even harder to stop. You see, what causes us to "tell our story" all the time is a structure called an engram - an energetic program that exists in both body and mind.

What's an Engram?
Engrams are like energy vacuums and they want your energy. Every time you talk about something negative, the engram related to that topic literally vacuums up the energy you expend, so you now have that much less energy in your total system. The more energy you put out, the more the engram gets. If you feel run down, tired or unmotivated, it could be that you've been over-feeding your engrams by thinking and talking about negative subjects. It might be time to put them on a diet.

So how can you put your engrams on a diet? By leaving them alone. Don't touch those topics with your mind or your speech. If you leave engrams alone for a while, they tend to slowly begin releasing the energy they've stolen from you. Also, if you catch yourself talking about some negative topic, stop yourself and say, "Cancel that!" This statement prevents the engram from sucking any more of your energy.

The whole process surrounding engrams is one of the key reasons that we age and die. We are so accustomed to negative speech that we literally start feeding those engrams from day one. At the same time, we reduce our energy and life force, little by little and day by day, slowing down all the time until we reach the stillness of death. In fact, if we grew up learning how not to speak or think negatively, we could potentially live forever. So if you want to prolong your life and your available energy, stop feeding those engrams. It will save your life!

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