Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Magical Message from the Raven and an Offer from Me

Do you ever sit outside in the middle of a thunderstorm and feel the absolute magic of the world crackling through the air? I just did. We had a cloudburst here in Colorado and I absolutely reveled in the thunder, lightning, rain, and wind. And then, at the very end of the storm, the Magic happened ...

... a Raven, my animal totem, swooped in and squawked a magical message for me to share with you!

The Magical Messenger
The Raven is one of the keepers of magic in this world, and it had a message for me and you today. It told me that I must share as much magic as I can with as many people as want it.

Get Magic in Your Mailbox Here

As you may know, at the Esoteric School we put out a twice monthly ezine and a twice weekly blog, all filled with magical tips and techniques on how you can use magic to change, improve, transform, and enlighten your life.

Now the Raven demands that I share even more with you ...

Magic in Your Mailbox: A Sneak Peek at Basic Magic
We have a comprehensive 32-week Basic Magic course coming up in September. Prior to the start of this class, we give all the students pre-class magical exercises to prepare them for this rigorous course. These exercises are given exclusively to students who have already signed up and paid for class.

Now, as the Raven has asked, I am giving them to you. I will email these 21 exercises (one per day) to all those who ask. Not only will these exercises give you a sneak peek at what goes on in the Basic Magic course, but they will lay the foundation for you to experience life in a new magical and mystical way.

Get Magic in Your Mailbox Here

Your Questions About Magic Answered
What's more, during these 21 days I will personally answer any serious questions you have about these exercises and the magic contained in them (only fully formulated questions, please!). That's not something I do very often, but for 21 days I am happy to do so. The only caveat is that I will publish your questions and my answers to the entire group of people who want to take part in this magical experience. That way I everyone gets to learn, and we all advance as a group.

Got It? Good! Here's How to Sign Up
If you're ready to take part in this magical mystical experience, to play with some fun magic, and to get your sneak peek at Basic Magic, sign up for this 21 day "Magic in Your Mailbox" course by clicking the link below. But sign up soon because the first exercise goes out on Tuesday, August 11, and the signup offer expires on Friday, August 14!

Magic in Your Mailbox

In Magic,
RavenWindStar (a.k.a. Alan Joel)

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  1. thankyou so much Mr. Joel i seriuosly cant exspress my gratitude for all you guys at the school do for us im on the site several times a day and i read the blog every week you guys are so helpful to those of us who are to young take take a course this time next year ill be old enough to take the basic magic course ive been seriously interested in this for acouple of months now and i cant wait thanks so much! Sincerly Rob


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