Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Storm Spirits Dislike People

I'm sitting here enjoying an absolutely lovely flash-bang thunderstorm, and remembering a long-ago conversation I had with a storm spirit. Back in the early days of my studies in magic and shamanism, I was given the assignment to go out and communicate with a nature spirit, be it a spirit of tree, rock, or sky.

Being naturally of an excitable temperament myself (being a triple Fire sign, astrologically), I chose to communicate with a storm spirit. I waited until a particularly heavy storm hit our area, then went out to have my first person-to-storm chat. The results were startling.

The long and short of the conversation was that storm spirits don't much like people, and with good reason. During my chat with the storm spirit, I raised the issue that the spirit seemed quite angry and aggressive. The storm spirit replied that it was a bit angry, especially with people, because most people didn't like storms and didn't want them around.

I replied that this wasn't entirely illogical, since storms could be inconvenient, causing a lot of destruction and wet. The storm spirit huffed about that, I can tell you! He said that storms were a necessary part of the ecosystem, and that people didn't properly appreciate their role. Storms cleanse the air and the land, and distribute water where it is needed. He added that it took a lot of force to do all of this cleansing and moving of water. He, like most storm spirits, was fast-moving and very direct. He didn't have a lot of time to chat.

The biggest reason he disliked people, he said, was because most people talked about him but not to him. He said many people were quite negative about storms, in general, and cursed them. Unlike the people of ancient tribes, who properly appreciated the role storm spirits played in the ecosystem, modern people only see the inconvenience of storms.

The storm spirit and I ended the conversation on good terms (he was in a hurry to move on). I discovered a new appreciation for storms and the spirits who create them. I've since had several more conversations with storm spirits, some of which were even in the process of forming tornados. In my experience, storm spirits start out angry. They like to clobber the landscape and be aggressive, but once you get them talking they tend to lighten up. And you have to talk fast, because storm spirits don't have a lot of patience for idle chatter. They are all about action.

If you want to deepen your connection with the world of spirits, storm spirits can be interesting conversational partners, when you can make yourself heard. If you do decide to try communicating with storm spirits, be sure to hail them out loud and welcome them. Since these spirits are used to be cursed rather than welcomed, don't be surprised if your first greeting is met with a salvo of wind and rain. Just hang in there and keep shouting out your greeting until the spirit hears you. The conversation is sure to be a revelation!

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  1. I was reading your article about communicating with the storm spirits, and the reason they are angry with humans.. I definitely understand that they are sometimes helpful, as I am now learning the benefits of having one around.

    One time I was very, very exhausted. I was sleeping downstairs because the storm were pretty fierce and I sleep in the attic. It was around 3am. I remember part of the light from a lightning bolt's flash peeking, through the window. It was almost as if I was looking at the light from my peripheral vision. Anyway, I remember waking up the next day feeling refreshed as if I had slept for 10 hours. I have also learnied that the storms energy is negative? And they destroy positive ions which cause fatigue and depression. (Forgive me if I get the + or - mixed up...)

    Having said that, the main reason people are angry with them is that they are also deadly. Many people are killed by lightning bolts. I myself always seem to be caught in one, whether its waiting for the bus or a hailstorm in my car. I remember driving and watching the sky for the direction of one storm and driving away from it.

    I would like very much to speak with them but how can I do it safely. I somethimes think, that whenever I want to talk to God a storm brews and then I am inside the house because of the lightning that usually follows.

  2. I fancy myself a tornado, in relationships and whims.
    Storms like me, because I'm like them.
    I'm just now venturing into this view of life, shamanism, as it's usually called, and just last night, I was encountered with a storm so struck with lightening, the sky was day-light blue more often then not, and ridden with shooting stars at the same time.
    for the first time in my memory I was intimidated by this storm.
    and I danced and drummed and willed with all I had left (I spent much energy earlier that day staring at a pond, which, in return, manifested in a hawk who stayed locked, eye to eye, with me for some time)
    anyway, I danced and drummed and watched by the storms own lightening as it parted to the left and the right, forming a V and passing by me.
    Spirits are powerful, and as a force, they only respond to strength.
    Not to say they don't love being loved as well, but don't abandon yourself to indulgence, the wind will bend to your whim with practice.
    so in response to the above comment, if you ever find your way back here and read this, running and hiding from a storm is the same as surrender, you have to earn it's respect. The threat of death is the only thing serious enough to temper your spirit. Don't succumb to fear, that is only the first guardian on the path to power.


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