Thursday, March 15, 2018

Making Graceful Life Transitions

I recently was gifted with the experience of observing a friend go through a fairly major life transition that affected every member of her family. While this process is happening all the time to at least a certain population of the planet, what made this experience so special was experiencing the grace, intention, and determination with which she walked through this transition.
Because of the beauty of this experience I began reflecting that many of us face transitions and change with resistance (if not downright horror!), which causes the transitions to be choppy and filled with stops and starts rather than smooth and graceful. I then reflected on the many steps my friend took to ease the way for her transition, and how those steps were rituals that kept her path straight and narrow.
I’d like to share some of the rituals and remedies that she used to make her life transition a joyful one filled with gifts, along with a few of my own.
Flower Essences
Flower essences are generally taken 4 drops, 4 times as day. Rescue Remedy can be taken as often as needed.
  • Walnut: Excellent for all kinds of life transitions, clears old habit patterns, helps you find your direction free from the influence of others.
  • Cherry Plum: Trust in the intuitive guidance of life, also called the “letting go and letting God” essence
  • Rescue Remedy: A five flower essence created by Bach that helps in all traumatic and trying situations.
  • Sun Yellow: Burning a sun yellow candle for 30 minutes or more will nourish your spirit vitality and help you make clear, birth-vision oriented choices.
  • Sky Blue: Surrounding yourself with sky blue or wearing sky blue will connect you with spirit and free you from mind’s chatter.
  • Hire an Angel: There is an angel for everything you need. To hire an angel, just say, “I’d like to hire an angel specializing in [state your desire].” Wait a few seconds, then make your request, which might go something like this: “Angel of [your desire], I request your help in walking with me through this life transition so that I see all the gifts and beauty that are part of this process. Thank you in advance.” Then, at the end of the day or throughout the experience, thank your angel again. Appreciation is necessary in working with angels!
  • Pendulum: If a particular life transition seems to be dragging on too long, you can spin a pendulum clockwise until it stops, with the intention that the pendulum is clearing any stagnant energies associated with the situations.
  • Walk in the Rain: Walking in the rain, especially by running water, helps to clear out old energies and bring fresh insights into a life transition. The running water carries away the old and the rain brings in the new!
There are hundreds of different steps you can take to smooth any life transition – these are just a few of my favorites. To learn more about these steps, get copies of these two ebooks:
Energy Healing for Self and Others

Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life

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