Thursday, February 1, 2018

Shrink Your Limitations Magically

According to a number of esoteric texts and spiritual guides (including one of our favorites, Paxton Robey), Earth is a school. More importantly, Earth is a fairly rugged and difficult school designed to help beings learn life and spiritual lessons very quickly!

As you've probably noticed, one of the most frequently used teaching techniques in our Earth school is limitation. Most of us seem to experience limitation of one sort or another in one of the three basic areas: health, money/career, or love/relationships. Some of us don't have enough money while others don't have enough love. Some are limited in career growth, and still others lack health. And some of us find lack in all three areas at once!

How to Deal with Limitation Magically
So what can we do about our limitations? How can we learn from them and move on to a life of greater freedom? Magically, we can turn to the Law of Octaves to help us shrink our limitations. The Law of Octaves says that anything that exists does so on one of many octaves. Some octaves are huge (on the scale of solar systems) and others are tiny (on the scale of our personal lives).

We can use the Law of Octaves to shrink our limitations by moving them to smaller octaves that occupy less space in our lives. For instance, suppose you have difficulty finishing projects in your life – you seem to flit from project to project never completing a single one. You've probably tried all kinds of ways to motivate yourself to finish these projects with little success. The whole situation can seem daunting. But you can use the Law of Octaves to bring your limitation down to a smaller scale where you can more easily deal with it.

Start Small
One way would be to find a tiny area of your life where you have trouble with completion and seek to correct the problem there. You may, for example, be careless about screwing caps onto bottles all the way or you might forget to check whether you turned off the stove after cooking dinner. Find just one little area that represents the larger problem on a smaller scale. Then, focus all of your attention on being conscious in that smaller octave. Take the time to screw the lids onto jars or to check the stove after cooking dinner. You'll be surprised at how dealing with your limitation on this smaller scale will apply the correction to the big areas of your life.

Be creative in how you apply the Law of Octaves and have fun with it! If you find that you're too inflexible in life, don't try to correct the problem changing everything at once. Try, for instance, to shrink to octave down to one joint in your body. If you can make your hand or wrist more flexible, then you'll become more flexible in life. Or you could become more flexible in your choice of music by listening to a new radio station every day on your way to work (for just five minutes if nothing else). It's whatever works for you as long as you confine and work on your area of limitation on a teeny-tiny octave. Enjoy!

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