Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Spells Work for the Halliwell Witches on "Charmed"

This is admittedly a somewhat silly post but you would be surprised how many emails we get from people asking why spells work for some people (even TV characters like the Halliwell witches on "Charmed") and don't work for other people.

On the show "Charmed" supposedly the reason spells work for the Halliwell sisters is because the sisters are prophesied to be charmed and are part of the powerful Halliwell line. Spells work for witches but not for ordinary people-at least according to the show.

That is true on television, but doesn't apply in the real world. First of all, in the real world there isn't a dividing line between witches and ordinary people. Anyone who wants to can practice magic and, as with everything else, practice makes perfect. But there is a dividing line between someone for whom a spell will work and someone for whom the spell will not.

That dividing line is called the level of being.

A person with a very high level of being casting a spell would get a positive and quick response. A person with a very low level of being casting the very same spell would get little or no results, or possibly even some backlash. The higher the person's level of being the easier it is for that person to get good results with spellwork.

So what is your level of being? Unfortunately there isn't a specific yardstick out there that you can use to measure your level of being, but here are some factors that tend to increase and decrease your level of being.

Factors that increase your level of being:
- belief in a friendly universe
- positive outlook on life and predominantly positive emotions
- trust in higher powers and beings
- relationship with higher powers and beings (angels, totems, etc.)
- a sense of patience and acceptance
- use and practice of magical skills
-a spiritual practice

Factors that decrease your level of being:
- negative emotions including doubt, fear, anger, and guilt
- a feeling that you are alone in the world
- lack of spiritual practice or belief in spiritual forces
- distrust of higher powers and beings
- impatience and frustration with life
- the perspective that life is poor and will never get better
- lack of a magical practice

These two lists could go on endlessly but you get the picture. Those who are able to cast a spell and then "let it go" have a much higher level of being. A higher level of being, characterized by trust and acceptance, gives a spell room to work without interference. If you have a low level of being, your tendency will be to cast a spell and then immediately begin doubting its effect. You may feel frustrated that the spell isn't working fast enough. In doing so you will be interfering with the way your spell works because doubt and frustration just add to the resistance your spell has to overcome before it can create an effect.

So the level of your being has a lot to do with how well spells work for you. People with a very high level of being, like Sai Baba for instance, don't even need spells to do magic. Sai Baba was able to manifest sacred ash from the palms of his hands and scatter the ash among his followers. He was witnessed doing this by thousands and thousands of people.

But if you're not to Sai Baba's level yet (and very few people are), one way to increase the effectiveness of your spellwork is to increase the level of your being. It is not as hard as you might think. Simply adding a 15 minute meditation to your daily regimen can raise your level of being immensely. So can making the decision to stop doubt for 10 minutes each day. Take a small step to raise the level of your being on a daily basis and you'll be surprised how much better magic spells work for you.


  1. This is a great post too!! Overall I agree, but I wonder... During very difficult times in my past, I performed spells that worked quite effectively but it was done when I was in a place of worry, shock and panic. There was something very therapeutic about performing the spell as it was the only way I could actually do something to help myself in those moments. In just doing the spells, I entered a better and more empowering place...but that was afterwards not during.

    Nonetheless, I do not perfer to do spells in crisis... so I will take your suggestion of 15 minutes a day...

    Thank you for a refreshing post.

  2. Hi MarZel,

    I agree that doing spellwork during times of crisis can be powerful. What you are talking about is doing spellwork as an act of power during a crisis, which restores personal power. Good point and glad you brought it up!

    In Magic,


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