Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cloud Magic in 4 Simple Steps

If you are interested in becoming a magical weather worker, then cloud magic is a great place to start. Magical weather workers can do truly incredible things, including altering the direction of storms, calling in moisture during droughts, and even influencing temperatures on a local or global level. In terms of daily use, knowing how to work with weather can help you clear up an impending storm on the day of a big outdoor concert, alter the course of a snowstorm so you don't have to drive through icy roads, or bring in some local cloud cover so your plants don't wilt from the heat during a sizzling summer. But before you can do all of these incredible things with weather, you'll need to start on a smaller scale, with cloud magic.

Cloud magic is simply the art of moving clouds around in the sky. You can reshape clouds, move them from left to right, or even drill a hole in an overcast sky to let some sunshine through. Cloud magic teaches you to extend and use your energies, which you can later develop when working with the winds of the four directions and larger weather systems. Below are 4 simple steps you can use to begin practicing cloud magic.

1. Choose a day that has scattered, puffy clouds for this exercise. Get into a comfortable position (either sitting or laying down) where you can easily see the clouds.

2. Choose a particular cloud to work with. Decide what you will do with your cloud. You can split the cloud in half, shape it to look like an animal, extend one end of the cloud or make the cloud taller. Whatever you choose, keep it simple. For instance, you may choose a cloud that already looks like a duck, but a duck with a short tail. Choose to extend the duck's tail until it looks proportional to the rest of the body.

3. Shape the cloud using your thoughts and intention. See the cloud as you want it to be. Now super-impose that image over the actual cloud. You can also talk to the cloud or use your hands to shape the cloud. While you obviously can't touch the cloud with your hands, clouds are sensitive to force of movement in your hands as well as the energy your hands project.

4. Clouds are very reactive and easy to shape, but sometimes slow to move. If you work with your cloud for 1-2 minutes but very little seems to be happening, take a break for a few minutes then look at your cloud again. You'll probably see that the cloud has moved in the direction you pushed it. The cloud just took a while to get there.

As with all of these types of exercises, don't judge the result. Just keep practicing. Before long you'll be delighted with what you can do with cloud magic and you'll be ready to move on to more complex weather working techniques.

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